Accell Axfast P-120240V.USA-001 Dual-voltage Axfast Portable Electric Vehicle Charger (EVSE) Level 2

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Product Information

The ACCELL Dual-Voltage AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger (EVSE) Level 2 is the result of extensive consumer market research and artisan workmanship. It delivers convenient features, premium material quality and cost effectiveness. This electric vehicle charger is portable and is designed for simple plug and charge. It works with both standard 90-volt to 135-volt grounded NEMA 5-15 outlets for Level 1 charging as well as 190-volt to 250-volt grounded NEMA 6-20 outlets for Level 2 charging. The charging gun follows the standard for USA electric vehicles and is built with premium material, allowing for ultra-toughness and waterproof ability. This unit is compatible with all electric vehicles that meet SAE J1772 standards. Tesla owners will need an additional adapter to convert to SAE J1772. So whether you need Level 1 charging or Level 2 charging, this dual voltage electric vehicle charger has you covered!


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